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Visual Arts

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Our study of visual arts will promote and encourage a thoughtful and aesthetic response to God’s revelation of Himself and His purposes in creation, the effects of the fall throughout creation, and the work of Christ to bring redemption to man and substantial healing to the world.



Elementary School

Students imitate their creator God when they visit the art room each week. Elementary students are exposed to a variety of mediums including; watercolors, tempera paint, pencil, colored pencil, markers, clay, and oil pastels. Teaching is based on the elements of art and the principles of design. Projects are centered on artists and correlate with classroom instruction. We strive to glorify God through our artwork and instruction.

Middle School

We recognize that God has expressed creativity as a core attribute in His creation. Art is a powerful and influential expression of God’s indescribable creativity and the world’s wonderful complexity. Because each person is created in the image of God as a creative and inventive decision-maker, we are committed to the study of art as a part of an excellent academic education each year in middle school. In Art classes our students will learn skills and elements that will increase aesthetic awareness, gain an appreciation for forms and styles, learn historical, cultural and social influences, develop personal skills to produce products and performances, utilize their learning to critique art, and examine art’s influence on a view of the world from a Christian perspective. Additionally, we are committed to teaching Art because it enhances our students’ perceptions of the beauty of all creation. Art instruction is a part of our overall goal at Eastern Christian to develop within each student a knowledge of God and His world as each student identifies and cultivates his/her God-given talents for ministry and service.

High School

Visual Art Classses Offered

Art 1

Students in this course will learn drawing, painting, design, sculpture, and printmaking on an introductory level. As the course progresses students will be given slightly more advanced problems in each medium and will deal with concepts and composition in Art issues. In addition to learning to create art, students will learn about Art History and learn how to engage in art criticism. There will be at least one field trip and attendance is required. Students will be required to do weekly sketchbook assignments. Some research is required.


Prerequisite: Art 1
This course will include study of building vessels by hand and on the wheel as well as methods of producing sculpture from clay and other materials. Intro to the chemistry of glazes will be included.


Advanced Ceramics

Prerequisite: Art 1 and Ceramics
Studying advanced techniques in the clay building process, as well as advanced concepts, design theories, and stylistic expression in three dimensions.


(Offered on Even Years)
Prerequisite: Art 1
This course will be a study of sculpture-in-the-round and relief sculpture, focusing on mass, weight, and balance. Students will research and discover various styles and problems in three-dimensional art. Media studied will be wood, clay, cardboard, paper, paper maché, etc. Styles highlighted will be Realism, Abstraction, and Geometric form. Routine reports will be required.


(Offered on Odd Years)
Prerequisite: Art 1
Painting will include oils, acrylics and watercolor. Three weeks will be spent on each. Students will be allowed to choose their favorite medium and take it to its fullest possibilities.


(Offered on Even Years)
Prerequisite: Art 1
Drawing will include pencil, charcoal, charcoal pencil, pen and ink and pastels. Emphasis is placed on shading, composition, highlighting, subtleties of tones, texture and positive-negative space problems. Portraits and studies of still life and anatomy will be included here.

Printing and Design

(Offered on Odd Years)
Prerequisite: Art 1
This course will continue to develop elements and principles of design in order to lay down the basics for creating images using printmaking techniques. Students will learn woodblock, linoleum, screen, stenciling and mono-printing methods.

Graphic Design

Prerequisite: Art 1
With the use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop computer programs, the students will solve visual problems using images and text. Students will learn layout skills, acquire the ability to combine visual with verbal information, they will use creativity not only to design but to also catch the public’s attention, and they will learn to discern between what the world values and what we as Christians should value.

Advanced Portfolio

Prerequisite: Art 1 and two others
Advanced Portfolio will be open to students who have shown a true proficiency in art and would consider pursuing further study on the college level. The course would follow the requirements handed down by the Educational Testing Service in order to take the portfolio exam: Sign up in College & Career Office is required for AP test and cost of AP test is the responsibility of the student.


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